Swarm 10 Year Anniversary & Science Conference 
08  12 April 2024 | Copenhagen, Denmark 


Oral presentations: 

The time allocated for oral presentations is 15 minutes (13 minutes presenting + 2 minutes for Q&A).

Presenters are expected to stick to their allocated presentation time to allow for adequate time for the Q&A slot afterwards.

Bring your presentation on a USB stick in PPT or PDF format, name it LastnameSessionname.type (e.g., PresenterSession3.ppt).

At the beginning of the day, when your presentation is scheduled, please approach the technical personnel in the conference room, provide your presentation and carry out a short technical check if necessary.

Presenters are kindly requested to be present in the conference room at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the session and to make their presence known to the chair of the session.

Presenters are welcomed to use the PPT template for oral presentations, available here


Poster presentations: 

Presenters at the poster sessions shall bring their own printed posters. It will not be possible to print posters onsite.

Presenters are welcome to use the template for poster presentations: A0 poster header + A0 poster footer

The maximum poster size is A0, Portrait orientation. The poster boards will be 116cm high and 87cm wide. Poster numbers (according to the conference programme) will be noted on the poster panels.

Authors are strongly encouraged to produce a “proper” full-size poster rather than using multiple smaller (e.g. A4) sheets.