Swarm 10 Year Anniversary & Science Conference 
08  12 April 2024 | Copenhagen, Denmark 


The concept of “The List” was introduced in 2021 for the 11th Swarm DQW in Athens. A local colleague provided us with a list of recommendations for restaurants and bars, and it was an instant hit. Since then we have tried to maintain the list as a DQW tradition.

Please note that the list is highly subjective and not an official ESA document. This year’s list has been compiled by Klaus Nielsen.


  • Best falafels – Durum Symfoni
  • Best tea house – A.C. Perchs Thehandel
  • Best baklava – Favori Baklavaci
  • Best sandwich(!) – Vandkunsten Sandwich (try the Alfredo cold)
  • Traditional Danish open sandwich lunch – Café Sorgenfri (don’t eat a big breakfast that day and remember to try a schnapps with the pickled herring)
  • Traditional Danish roast pork dinner – Rio Bravo (remember to try a schnapps with this too)
  • Traditional Danish pastry – Conditori La Glace (oldest in town, high end)
  • Traditional Danish pastry – Skt. Peders Bageri (also oldest in town, not as fancy but fantastic cakes and bread)
  • Spiseloppen – wonderful and reasonably priced restaurant located in Christiania so you get a good excuse to visit the free-town (note that they have closed Pusher Street for good)
  • Riz Raz – Mediterranean buffet, nothing fancy just really good vegetarian food

A. C. Perchs Thehandel tea house

Hija de Sanchez

TO EAT - close to the Conference venue


  • Lygtens Kro – the most cozy and oddest bar in town; a bit out of the way but definitely worth it!
  • Centralhjørnet – oldest gaybar in the world (so they claim)
  • Godt Øl = good beer
  • The Rooftop Bar – the view is worth it (note that you enter through the Hotel Danmark)
  • Galathea Kroen – with interior
  • Taphouse – 60 beers on tap (but bring the big wallet)
  • Floss – old 80’s punk bar; colorful and cool (here you can bring a smaller wallet)

The Rooftop Bar, Hotel Danmark

Beta Boulders


  • Best record store in town – Sound Station
  • Best book shop – Vangsgaards Antikvariat
  • Coolest local brand of skater wear – Le Fix
  • Boulders – best climbing spot in town, but difficult to get to without a bike
  • Beta Boulders – closer to town
  • Blågårdsgade – if you want to see some proper Copenhagen and not just the touristy city center. Nørrebro is one of the areas of Copenhagen that hasn’t been gentrified all that much.