Swarm 10 Year Anniversary & Science Conference 
08  12 April 2024 | Copenhagen, Denmark 


This conference aims at bringing together the wider international scientific community to celebrate the first 10-years of the Swarm mission, to explore and develop scientific applications and synergies and to drive the Swarm mission toward future achievements.

Therefore, this conference will provide a unique and timely forum for Swarm scientists and data end-users invited to share the state-of-the-art in research and applications, review mission achievements and prepare for the continued use of the Swarm mission in the future.

The conference will highlight areas in which the mission, in its first 10 years, has made a significant contribution to science and future perspectives, such as:

●     Core dynamics

●     Lithospheric magnetisation

●     EM induction and oceans

●     Thermosphere / Ionosphere

●     Ionosphere / Magnetosphere coupling

●     Space Weather

Presentations on the use of Swarm data for operational applications and demonstrations of novel scientific applications are also encouraged. 

The meeting will be instrumental to outline the international collaboration in the exploitation of data, to propose new scientific requirements, to identify new scientific challenges in view of the extension beyond 2025.

Meeting Details

⁠Co-sponsored by a number of international entities, the meeting is open to all interested Swarm stakeholders and data users. There will be no conference fee but participants are required to finance their own travel and accommodation.